Essay writing is to the writer like painting an empty canvas is to an artist. Writing an essay can give you complete freedom as to what to include but that freedom comes with the obligation to stay relevant within the boundaries of what the thesis statement of your essay is e.g. You probably shouldnt discuss Abraham Lincoln’s personal life in an essay on American Constitution. Knowing what to include and what to omit can increase the quality of your essay by far. hives treatment First of all, read your thesis statement and ask yourself what can come under this topic e.g. if you are writing an essay on “The Roman Civilization”, the topic would give you a vast choice of subjects to choose from which includes their language, architecture, clothing, communication methods, warfare, social norms, economy, major cities, kings, famous personalities and so on. Once you have listed down all relevant subjects you can think of related to the thesis statement, go through them and rearrange them. The rearrangement can be done on the basis of relevance, importance or availability of information source. Once you have arranged them in a list, try to club the similar topic together e.gnguage, attire, customs and traditions can be clubbed under “Culture”.

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Similarly synthesizing the similar topics, you can have 3-4 major topics supporting your thesis statement Times Highter Education Wolrld University Rankings rather than several dithered subjects. This practice helps you sort the relevant information easily as well as makes it easier for the reader to comprehend. For those subjects that could not be classified in any collective topic, ask yourself whether the topic is important enough to get included in the essay? If the answer is yes, give a full paragraph to address it. If no, then discard that topic. Remember that writing an essay is not about overloading the information on a topic. The aim is to provide complete and concrete information that supports the thesis statement. So itemize, organize, synthesize and prioritize to make the most of your essay writing skills.

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